Have you ever thought about having a bag that reflects your inner self? Our big scale allows you to get a look at the most expressing, high quality items in this selection. Let’s start with a piece that’s never too old, the casual styled Big Sized Belos Bag.

It’s made of artificial leather and the sleek black design allows you to partner with any formal clothes. From meetings to the office it will come through any of these occasions. Due to its size your belongings can comfortably settle without making your bag to have a bulge.

For the ones who like hiking or having short trips the Landen Leather Backpack is the best buy. The colour is brown so it symbolizes the nature and the forming is appropriate for putting little but essential things in it. The material is 100% leather so nothing will get wet during raining and it’s also easy to clean. Do you want to pack? Take the backpack!

The next suggestion is especially for the schoolgirls. We know that the heavy books can cause problems with the schoolers’ backs so we offer you a totally enduring bag which you can also use when you have to take a lot among your books. The 100% leather made Porters Backpack won’t tear apart and you can be sure that it’s also the best styled especially because of its uniqueness. We don’t think that you’ll find 18K gold plating in anybody else’s bag.

Today’s last suggestion is the elegant still feminine and stylish Rabian Square bag. The eye-catching blue colour highlights any of your outfits and surely gives others the impression of a young, open-minded still fashionable woman. Do you want to try it? It’s just a click away.

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