These are the reviews about the book ‘Korean Grammar for Speaking‘ from ESL English teachers who studies Korean language with SongWon in Korea.

This Korean Grammar for Speaking book has been extremely helpful in terms of providing a clear break down of Korean grammar. It not only provides practical examples that I can use in day to day conversations but also, simply and concisely, provides explanations that are tangible to those just starting their embarkment in learning Korean.
Liisa Bowler

The book explains each grammar point in a very easy way to understand. It offers useful vocabulary and practical exercises to practice each grammar point. The only recommendation I have is more vocabulary practice especially at the beginning of the book and maybe some extra exercises for reading comprehension and more writing.
Kelly Moeller

Each Unit provides many examples of how to use each grammar point as well as how to conjugate a variety of verb types. Seeing the English sentences paired with the korean translations helps to demonstrate how to use new grammar rules as well as introduce some new vocabulary.
James Parker

This book is a great tool for helping native English speakers grasp the concepts of a completely new (and challenging) language. The exercises are formatted nearly the same in each chapter, so once you know how to answer the questions, you just have to “plug in the pieces” (Korean words and grammar).
Jessica Bresaola

This book really breaks it down and helps you understand. The mixture of conjugating, unscrambling and making your own sentences helps your brain learn the language in different ways. I like how each new unit builds upon the last so that you gradually have more tools to use in conversation.
Justin Garza

“Like most people eager to learn a new language, I followed the trend of using popular language software programs and several self-study materials. After spending countless hours in confusion, I took a different approach by using Korean Grammar for Spekaing. I learned more in two weeks using it than I had in months of using the other materials. Song Won combines language education into practical application, and I would highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to confidently and accurately learn a language the first time around!”
Emily Miller

SongWon’s method of teaching Korean is incredible! He really simplifies the grammar rules so it makes learning Korean easy. Within the book, each page teaches us a new grammar rule along with some new vocabulary. This enables us to quickly form many sentences with one simple grammar lesson and picking up vocabulary along the way. I was able hold a basic conversation with natives from only a couple of lessons from SongWon!

Korean Grammar for Speaking is an easy to follow guide of how to learn Korean. Each page gives us a grammar rule to work on with a few vocabulary words to learn. This helps us establish the basics of Korean by being able to form multiple sentences with just one grammar rule and new words we have just learned. Although I would like there to be a separate section set aside for useful vocabulary, the rest of the book is easy to follow and learn. Everything within the book can be used for practical purposes. This book would be a great start for those who are just beginning to learn Korean.
Mary Long

This Korean Grammar for Speaking book has been a helpful way to put together my basic understanding of Korean. I’ve been studying Korean for a while but felt the books repeat the same things over again and I wasn’t getting anywhere. His book lays out the information in a way that you can easily build conversations and put what you learn to use right away. I’m impressed and will continue to recommend it to others who want to study Korean and see their abilities improve.
Ashley Massey

This book can help beginners like myself learn the basics of Korean language, a seemingly daunting language to learn. The book provides an easy breakdown of Korean grammar and practical examples that the reader can use in everyday conversation.
Kelli Dixon

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