Hello again, we’re back with the newest products inspired by the incoming season. Another three clothes will be revealed but first of all let’s take a look at our most outstanding item the Punk Black Boots. There have never been so eye-catching footwear like this in this store. These boots are made for people who are brave and adventurous enough to wear punk styled still high heeled products. If you feel that you could be one of them then don’t hesitate go for these boots.

You can mix the styles by putting on cute and childish clothes for example a colourful skirt with simple stockings or by wearing dark still feminine clothing. People around you will definitely think that you’re a strong charactered and fashion lover woman who can surely be said to practical and open minded.


Now our main offers contain items only from the upper selection but according to our fashionistas these are more important to have in more types due to the changing weather and fashion-waves. So let’s start the review with the precious Dot Collar Shirt that can be worn at school workplace and meetings too. You can get them in two colours, Ivory and Beige. It’s perfect with simple pastel trousers and brown flats.

The next product is the Waffle Spring Cardigan. In this case you can choose from 4 colours: Charcoal, Beige, Pink and Mint so it’s easy to adjust to your wardrobe style. It surely keeps the warmth under your clothes so don’t be afraid of wearing it on any cooler day. And our final item is coming, the Cocobin Knit Sweater. The colours are Ivory, Orange, Mint, Charcoal, Blue so compared to the other clothes this is the one where you can think about investing about two colours, a pastel and a bright for the sunny days. It’s not open and its material is 50% wool so it’ll keep you even warmer than the previous ones. It’s the best to team it with light jeans or dark stockings.

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