In November of 2011 Korean girl group 2NE1 was named the Best New Band in the World by Viacom’s MTV Iggy. To inaugurate their new-found title, the group headlined at the “Best New Band in the World Concert” in New York City. Due to the generosity of a winning recipient of tickets, I luckily got to attend as a guest and watch the concert from the front row. After waiting though the opening acts, I welcomed hearing the intro to “내가 제일 잘 나가!”. As the girls took to the stage they commanded a presence in their military inspired outfits by designer Jeremy Scott.

I have followed YG-Entertainment artists since their early days. Groups like Itym, Jinusean, Big Mama, Swi.T, StonySkunk, 45RPM always have had a specific sense style of that just stands out among other Korean celebrities. Featuring solo artists like Lexy, Wheesung, Se7en, and Gummy, the ever evolving roster of YG-Entertainment has found a way to keep their successful engagement of Fashion styles growing.

With each new début performance YG-artists have represented their music through style almost too-well. Their videos can almost be considered as moving couture look-books. They are beyond gimmicks but identify with true runway fashion. They even have found a way to combine edgy rock-n’-roll rebel combined with the tough-exterior of hip-hop street kid.

The times where YG-artist trade up and transform sharply to strut themselves in sophistication clearly showcasing a superior understanding haute-couture cat-walk. The phenomenal growth of YG-fashion is clear in the latest video from CL from 2NE1 called “나쁜 기집애” (NapPeun GiZiBey) which roughly translates to The Baddest Female. In the video we see super trends that extend among genre and style types. Touches of fantastic and one of a kind pieces that can be rocked by Baddest Females everywhere regardless of shape or size. The best part of the videos wardrobe is you can find pieces of each look for half the cost.

Although there are many looks in the video let’s just break down the first. We see CL command presence and attention as she walks the red carpet in Two Tone Leather Stretch-Jeans.

These type of Black/White combo pants are available in various choices of bottoms. Jeans, Leggings, Capri, and Tights can be found with this contrast color.

Paired with this is a crop top side wrap with a wide collar. There are various tops and jackets that can complete this look. You can mix and match style types for various looks. You can even work this funky look at the office if you choose a longer jacket with buttons and a sensible shoe. Check out some of these choices below. You can utilize lace tops for a fun fresh look, or a double seamed structured scoop neck for a sleek outing. You can even attempt an embroidered  tassel top for a feminine flair.

Stay tuned to our next video style breakdown.

Have any suggestions on who’s look you want broken down let us know.


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