We just blink and the winter is almost on our doorsteps. Can you feel the cold waft escaping under your clothes? We definitely do, so we decided to represent our range of coats those will make the wind stay away from your skin. From furry through elegant to elegant & furry we show you the perfect pieces.

Let’s start with the Mini Cape Leather Patched Coat that never fails. It’s a must-have for every wardrobe especially at cold temperatures. Due to its cutting the material adjusts to your body giving your waist bigger highlight. Beige, Black or Navy colour, shining buttons, plain belts, perfect for the everyday outings.

The next we mention is the Woolen Double Trench Coat. The long forming and the little pale colouring gives the impression of a more serious, mature owner. It’s the most appropriate wear for company workers and girls who want to look a bit older than they are to take them serious. The long figure highlights mostly the legs so to complete your outfit wear with black leggings and heels.

Our third offer is the Two-toned Cropped Sleeves Fur Coat. Fur has always been among the features of a young, lively girl who loves hanging out with her friends or playing games and nowadays this is still true. The big fur will get the attention of others and the colour may remind them of a cute panda. Cute? Yes. Stylish? Definitely. Youthful? Of course. Wear it with confidence!

Today’s last one is the Fur Lambskin Mustang Coat. As you can read the material is lambskin and inside there’s artificial fur to keep you warm. This item has a bit more elegance than the others above but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it every day. It’s perfect for outings and meetings too especially if you meet your boss. Elegant wears usually rock the streets so let’s go for a walk and watch the reactions!

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