Everybody needs a little craziness in these grey, boring days especially the cheerful and lively charactered girls. Today’s focus is on ’How to play with the colours?’. At first sight your wardrobe may seem average and out-of-date but if you watch it closer you can recognize the hidden wonders. An unusually bright material that differs from your outfit can easily pump up your appearance.

There are some cases when people can’t find anything that would suit their actual will for example when you want to change your whole style. It’s hard for everybody especially if that person transforms from a casual or black&white lover into a bright and wide smiled, colour admirer. The cute style is one of the easiest and on the other hand is one of the hardest choices.

You can wear everything with everything until you don’t use black or dark colours for main wears (e.g. shirts, trousers, blouses). Are you interested in it? Then get ready and dig out every bright hued piece you find in your home. If you’re at the lack of them there’s still hope, let us show you our suggestion.


The first we mention is the Skull punching dark orange blouse. The front is orange with tiny skull punches and the back is pure white, fitting the eccentric thinking that’s typical at this point. To keep yourself warm, wear the Orange ruffled cardigan and you’ll have now the colourful upper part.


As for the lower selection we highlight the eye-catching Red shorts but if you want you can also wear thin black stockings under them to feel there the warmth too. Your footwear is a little complicated because you should choose a less conspicious one if you don’t want to distract people from your clothes. We mention these Kuris Beige Buckled Boots those are made of artificial leather with buckle detail.

You can use lots of accessories just like bracelets, necklaces, cute earrings and rings but to suggest the best bag, look at these pudding mini bags. They are in 2 colours: mustard and red and both of them fits perfectly your appearance.

To get the absolute girlish style try on this Mushroom Jeoung eum wig. It automatically gives you magical charm and the youthful aspect is guaranteed whatever style you have.

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