Make a lasting impression this season by wearing this summers top fashion trends.

#1 Bright Colors

Summertime, fun in the sun, memories  are in our minds-eye with visions of bursting color and vivid sensations. Finally fashion trends are following suit and living up to our life experience. We are specially lucky this summer that not one single color is “The” new seasonal color, you can wear them all. The first closet must have is a pair of bright bottoms.

Just like our choices of color, “style-choice” is up to you. Give yourself choices of intensely hued cropped pants, or Bermuda cut shorts. Feel daring then go tight with a pair of skinny jeans or super shorts. Want to wear this splash of color to work but can’t get away with causal or sporty styles. Pair together a old fashioned gauchos or palazzo pants. Gauchos are shorter than palazzos but still have an amazing flow. Get those gauchos in Peony pink or Jade green then wear it with a crisp white top. Accessorize with even bolder colors and wallah you are ready to go.

#2 Fancy & Feminine Prints

Since 2008 designers have been adding floral ensembles gradually in their collections. With each new season we get collections cultivate a mesh of garden inspired prints and embellishment. These sweet florals are a double threat. They are soft enough for work but bold enough for play and are perfect for any occasion. Due to summer weather allowing for less fabric and this years freedom of color choice, truly anything goes. You can take a strapless floral dress, pair it with a cropped jacket to be office ready or a day with the girls. Remember your maxi-dresses are a must this season they are quick and easy breezy and if made the right way they won’t wrinkle.
Don’t want to end up looking like a sofa? Well finding the appropriate style and pattern for you is easy. The smaller and busier the floral, the more likely it will flatter any body shape. The larger the floral it is more so likely that it will call attention to certain areas you do not want noticed.  Do not be swallowed by your floral pattern! Let it work for you by following the top trends. How to work it all without going overboard? Use asymmetrical hemlines in chiffon for dresses, skirts and tops. Pair a solid top with a floral short or legging for that no holds barred look. Work a dress that is patterned strategically with floral embellishments or has a flare shape.
Best floral-like patterns to incorporate into your collection this year medallions patterns, fleur-dis-lis, or muted paisley.
Have a fear of florals? Don’t want to walk around looking too garden-like? A touch of Floral can be showcase the best of the style. Add a jacket that has some floral embroidery and pair it with a digital floral prints bottom, add a floral scarf and wallah you are ready to take on anything.

Geometry in Black n White 

We can thank Korea for this strange but wonderful trend. Psy began his


Classic, simple and

keep you cool looking in the hot summer sun. playing it safe or showcasing minimal and chic.

Stripes Bi-chromatic color Side leg Long Vertical  Racing Check

harlequin prints and graphic checks to bold retro stripes:

mod fassion sexy and flirtatious 1960s silhouettes, eventually turned into quite the abstract geometric obsession. Be


Geometric elongated diamond tiles busy floral

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