“Must Have” is a term we hear often related into reports on seasonal fashion. Keeping with what is in style how do you know what items are “Must Haves” and what items are just temporary trends? Korean women are always up to par with the latest clothing finds and still incorporate wardrobe basics. Practical and Fashionable items that still showcase feminine luxury.

  • Must Have #1 Wool Tights/Leggings. – Wool tights act as barriers to extreme weather and cold temperatures. Investing in a great legging can take you through from crisp fall ambiance to winters worst storm. Try a solid color ribbed knit style or funky print to accent larger sweaters. Layer a bright opaque tight under a lacier hosiery to give a feminine flair to flowing skirts. A great legging can make your weakest outfit pop. For even more of a youthful look that keeps you warm, pair your legging with a leg warmer or over-sized sock. From casual day wear to office garb and date wear a legging can make or break that look.
  • Must Have #2 Textured Cardigan – A textured cardigan can really perk up an dreary winter ensemble. Layer a neutral color cabled knit over a something velvet to say you are ready for fall. Invest in sweaters that are the color or red wind and deep burgundy, since these colors can be carried into winter. Cashmere Cardigans that are softer or made of angora also can bring out the best class and make a complete. If you are not into textured fabric you can gain that special touch by wearing a graphic print hoodie or a sweater with asymmetrical hem.
  • Must Have #3 Embellished Boot – The best rule about boots this season is there are no rules. For the first time in fashion their is a plethora of heel choices. Us girls can work out our shoe shopping fantasies by utilizing everything from thick width platforms and wedges to trendy flats and stilettos  Look for boots with fur or wool trim. Touches of fringe and high lacing can give a boot a real fun feminine style. A really hot must-have is a style that has an accent of two tone fabric.

  • Must Have #4 Military style – This look is perfect for autumn. The style itself represents strength and resilience. Show the world you can take on the weather by incorporating a funky blazer, or wool coat. Many celebrities embrace that army look by sporting military pea coats, jackets and jewelry. Choose a formal military look by wearing jackets with mandarin collars and long lean lines of buttons. For a everyday look add forest green tone sweaters and caps with a darker colored chunky boot. You can even mix up chiffon blouses underneath to contrast soft and sweet with this tough trend.
  • Must Have #5 Accessories – Nothing says classic lady like a woman who wears a sleek glove. From Leather to Suede to a soft Merino wool. A woman who protects her hands keeps her youthful skin protected?  Keep that look going by wearing oversize hats. Look for faux angora caps and french style beret. The best accessory this year is the super long or super wide scarf. A longer scarf can be draped over like a shawl giving a pop of color to a darker coat. A cute style when your scarf is longer than it is wide can be draped around your loved one to showcase coupling.
 Assuredly there is always that one luxury item you plan on purchasing. Maybe it is that pair of brightly colored high heels or that funky print legging. Maybe it is that long awaited leather bag with the bow embellishment. No matter what your luxury item is, it should always advance your wardrobe.
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