July 1st 2014

Cuisine shared in the neighborhood of Flushing, Queens is an integral part of shaping New York City’s diverse ethnic cuisine map and food cultures. Known as the fourth largest central business district in New York City, The New York Times describes the restaurants within as Great Eating. Following the great foods from Flushing movement, this mixed Asian residential community will now have its own reality food show called Flushing Foodie.

The show is from the minds of siblings Damian Cross (Orbital Sheath Studios) and Mia Lerda (SugoiNY) who are both fans of the neighborhoods range cuisine types .

“Flushing has always been a epicenter multiplicity. We really want to showcase how even in its diversity, this unique community really works.”  co-creater Mia Lerda goes on to say “It is more than just showing the convenience of how accessible the restaurants and eateries are but also the families that reside their. Talking to them about living in Flushing and what foods they favor that is what will make up Flushing Foodie”

Flushing Foodie will employ hosts such as foodie Blogger Tiffie Dee, community advocate Janet Gutierrez, and actors Jeffrey Kim, and Salvatore Torres.

“Our goal is to celebrate all things in Flushing. Bring culture, cuisine, and lifestyle right into your living room.”

For more on FlushingFoodie and how you can apply to be a family that is featured on the show check out their facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/FlushingFoodie or their website athttps://www.FlushingFoodie.Tv

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