Idols in Korea, change their hairstyle or their hair color once in a while. One of the trendy hair color is the blonde hair and even ulzzangs and gyarus have this similar dark ash blonde hair which is a warm but not too bright color for the chilly season. It compliments most skin colors especially people with fair skin. It can make you look sweet and cute, mature and feminine or cool and urban. It all depends on how you style your blonde hair and what outfit you wear with it.

Korean celebrities like CL, Park Bom (from 2NE1), Taeyeon (from SNSD), Gyuri (from KARA) and many more korean idols have dark blonde hair and style it their own way. Take CL for instance, she has straight hair with layers and volume which makes her style seem urban. Whereas idols like Gyuri have beautiful curly and loose locks which gives her the soft feminine look. Last but not last there’s Park Bom, who rocks her cute yet mature look with her blonde hair because of her long silky hair and cute bangs.

Gyaru girls like above usually have their blonde hair curly, giving them a mature and sexy look. Wearing floral clothing will make your style seem more feminine and girl with the curly and loose blonde hair. You can make your look more edgy and urban by wearing a pair of killer heels and clothes with a punk, Gothic element in it. Bleaching your hair to get a blonde hair color can be damaging so wearing a blonde Gyaru wig is an exceptional option to get a dark blonde curly hair exactly like the picture below. This wig not only has a pretty loose curls hairstyle, you can dress down with your outfits to make your whole style simplistic and feminine. or even wear it with a costume to cosplay your favorite character!


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