The cold is increasing and the dark clouds are spreading through the blue sky keeping the warm sunshine away from the streets. The colours are fading and the pale hues are getting common among our surroundings. Grey seems a good choice if you don’t want anything but disappear in the big crowd. But who wants it seriously? Of course our mood tells us not to stand out but you can still do something that’ll surely make you different from others without being too eye-catching.

This thing is the highlighting. Simple accessories or appropriate make-ups can easily help you look fresh and dynamic even in the cold winter when nobody wants to do a single move. Today we show you our best set recommendation for these boring everydays.

Kill the boredom! – says this Unbalanced Skull Knit. The skull pattern makes the whole material a bit strong and the more creative girls can even imagine how the little skulls scare the wind and cold away from you. Black or Ivory? Your decision. For those who find this piece too harsh here is the Unballanced Knit One-Piece. The little fur covering gives you the impression of a cute kitty and the loose material will adjust to your body. You can choose again between the two colours, Grey gives silver shine, Black helps the highlight.

As the lower wear take on these Gray skinny pants to complete the greyish look. Because of the loose upper clothes your legs will look more formed especially with black heels. The magic comes now, take a look at this Traveler’s Bag. The bright colour will freshen up your outfit in a second so if you combinate the suggested items your appearance will enthrall everybody around you.

Do you want to try it?

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