Enter Kim Pil Suk from Dream High and what comes to your mind? Is it Korean singer, actress and composer IU? IU, who was dubbed the Nation’s Little Sister debuted her first album titled Growing Up, in 2008. However, her success did not peak mainstream until her second album, Last Fantasy, was released. Known for her talented vocal abilities, IU’s style is not one to be ignored either. Her cuteness and innocence may have won her the title as everyone’s favorite little sister, but her sense of style ranging from trendy chic to hip and modern may just win her a fashion title yet.

In this next photo, Korea’s Little Sister can be seen sporting our color Anime Dress. The dress which is longer in length, is composed of not only bright vibrant color schemes, but also graphic designs. It is made up of polyester and spandex with a free flowing hem, making it light and easy to move in. Similar to IU’s style in the photo, this dress looks best with solid colored shorts to offset the busyness of the design, and why not throw in an adorable hair accessory to spice up your wardrobe? Best in a summer setting, this cute anime dress can be worn as a casual and comfy look on a daily basis. To dress this outfit up a bit, throw on some leggings (or not,) slip on a pair of wedge sandals, large gold studded earrings and voila! Add just a tad bit of natural makeup to complete the look and you’re ready for a fun night on the town.

You can purchase the same dress that IU is wearing by clicking here > Anime Dress.


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