We’re back again with fresh updates especially in the selection of wigs and upper clothes. Now we show you the new ’worn by K-pop idols’ hair pieces along with the idols we support. Let’s start with the item itself. The ’must have’ categorized Hair Pieces can easily be applied as they have the best metal clips on their tops and can also be heated up to 170 degrees. Their length is 35 cm so you will surely be able to adjust it to every hair style. Their type is Korean fabric (Koron-D) and you can have them in 12 colours.

As for our innovation we give you 6 pieces (you can choose which ones you would like to get) in one pack! If you ask me I think it’s totally worth its price. But now let’s take a look at who and when wore these precious pieces.

Firstly we have to mention Jewelry and two of its members: Kim YeWon and Ha JooYeon. We’ve already showed you a third member (Park SeMi) wearing a long wig but it’s time for the others too. They appeared in lots of shows with their song Look At Me and wore these hair pieces at all of their performances especially YeWon. You can also see the pieces in her teaser photos.

Next is Dal Shabet with two members again: Serri and Subin. To their song Have, Don’t Have they also used the same type of hair pieces just in other colours. Serri stayed at light blue while Subin wore pink in two tones in the MV and also at performances.

We continue with a solo singer Ailee and her song I Will Show You. You can only see the hair pieces at her performances but in different colours. As well as we know she uses 3 tones: white, light purple and light blonde.

Did you see SMTown in Singapore? On 2012.11.23. F(x) performed Jet with all of their heart in it. Krystal’s bright outfit got completed by our hair pieces too in the colour of light pink. They got twisted but you can clearly recognize it, right?

The last idol we show you is Liha from the newly debuted group 84LY. At the performances of their debut song Girl Talk she also wore our hair pieces as you can see in these photos. She used light pink and orange at a photoshoot.

However we finished showing idols we still have two supported magazines with photos of models wearing our product. These two magazines are Men’s Health and Wanna Girl. In the first there is a photoshoot called Summer Fresh Up. This picture is one of it and the female model is wearing the white hair piece. In the other magazine Wanna Girl there’s the Night Picnic. The model uses chic pink, blue and red pieces, we show you the Chic pink. Do you like it?

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