Did you see the last show? Maybe you realized that our precious k-pop idols are wearing pretty wigs to get their look complete and show their best side on the stage. This is true for every idol but now we’re going to show you exactly who and when wore these pieces and guess what, you can also buy them in our store!

Let’s look at a very talented band: Jewelry and one of its members: Semi. She’s always pretty, her clothes and appearance is perfectly stylish and cute but in the broadcast of SBS Star King on the 22th of September she wore a wig in dark brown colour. You can see the video here (she can be seen at 4:12). If it’s enough for you to see her on pictures then look at these below and above.

Are you interested in which of our wigs is the one she’s wearing? It’s easy, the Wavy Long Wig in the colour of dark brown and wine brown. The wig’s type is Korean Fabric (KORON-D) and is suitable for temperatures of up to 170 degrees. You can choose from 6 colours according to your taste and it only costs $59. Good price for a look like an idol’s, isn’t it?

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  1. Seems really pretty. That is great choice for young girls

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