How to learn Korean for beginners, intermediates, and conversational speakers!

Are you interested in learning how to speak Korean?  Do you want to learn Korean fast? Have you started to learn the Korean language, but have found it difficult or frustrating?  Are you a huge fan of K-Pop or K-Dramas, and you want to be able to know what they’re saying without subtitles?  Then look no further!  This Korean language book, (Name of your book)  by Song Won, can help you achieve your goal of learning Korean as a second language.  With Song Won’s language learning method, you will learn Korean grammarKorean vocabularyKorean pronunciation, and how to read Hangul (the Korean alphabet).  Korean Grammar for Speaking is also available as an ebook or in an online version.

Song Won’s integrated Korean textbook, Korean Grammar for Speaking is organized in a very systematic way, and is divided into specific lessons that focus on different aspects of the Korean language.  For example, in the first few lessons, you will be taught how to pronounce Korean characters, how to count using Korean numberscommon Korean greetings, and conversational Korean.  After a few more of these Korean lessons, you’ll easily be able to translate basic Korean phrases into English.  This book is Korean for beginners, but it’s also effective for learners who have a bit more experience with the Korean language.  (Name of your book) can also help those who are studying for Korean language tests like the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean).
Currently, Song Won runs a very successful Korean language school in Bundang, South Korea.  His Korean language lessons have allowed his students to learn conversational Korean in six months.  His students in the Bundang area swear his teaching method is the best way to learn Korean! Song Won gives you a simple and easy way to learn Korean.  Follow Song Won on Facebook, Instagram, or Kakao Story for free Korean lessons and free Korean worksheets.  Whether your goal is to learn basic Korean for an upcoming trip to Korea, or to speak Korean fluently, Song Won’s Korean Grammar for Speaking is the most effective way to learn how to speak, read, and write Korean.

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