So in my last article, I told you guys a little bit about how hair extensions are the secret to perfect hair. Now, I’m here to tell you a little bit more about how to accessorize with these miracle workers. Let’s start with us girls who have short hair. Getting a haircut can generally symbolize a fresh start and new beginnings. Or it could mean that we’re seriously fed up with our long locks and prefer easy maintenance. Here comes the tricky part; and take it from someone who’s chopped her hair off multiple times. I think most ladies would agree with me when I say that after having cut your hair to shoulder length, a cute A-line bob or even a pixie cut, we all go through withdrawals of having our long hair again. Do you not agree? Lucky for us, we have a solution to fulfill these needs. As I said before in my last article, hair extensions are PERFECT for situations such as these. If you’re the type of gal who likes to steer clear of mundane routine and change things up a bit quite often, just think. One day you can go with short hair, and the next, add some length to get those luscious locks.

To add some color to your look like Seung Ah, click here > Extensions

If you like to experiment more on the wild side, you can always add some popping hair color to make your unique self stand out in a crowd of grey. This is convenient for not just ladies with short hair but all of you with some length as well. Check out Seung Ah from the Kpop girl group Rainbow, for example. In the picture above, she can be seen wearing our violet extensions. As you can see, everyone, including Kpop idols, like to spice things up a bit and add some vibrancy into their lives from time to time.

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