So there  is this new film in theaters called the WEDDING PALACE.

In it Brian Tee plays Jason an abandoned groom whose family quickly goes into match-making mode. They insist his life is in danger because of a old family curse.  He begins a cyber love affair with a girl he met in Korea, named Na-young, while on a business trip and proposes to her. However when she arrives in LA  his wacky family goes overboard with their expectations and their reactions.

What is easy to say about this film is that it speaks to so many demographics that are in the USA. It’s an ethnic comedy so you have it in a category of that like Madea or My Big Fat Greek Weeding, It also has ties to the innovative pop-culture fans of Kpop and Kdrama that are out there.

This movie is the first Asian American romantic comedy to open in theater and build a true production bridge between among the global East and the West.

For instance lets look at the cast that is beyond talented.

You have Hollywood actor Brian Tee from The Fast & The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, Grimm and Crash TV series. Then you have his love interest Na-Young who is played by the South Korean award-winning actress Kang Hye-jung. We know her from Old Boy, which is a Cannes Grand Jury Prize Winner, and Welcome to Dongmakgol. What is even more interesting is that  Kang Hye Jung who makes her English language debut in the film is married to Tablo of Epik High in her real life.

So people that support this film are incidentally supporting that of the Kpop/rap crowd and YG.

It continues in cast as you see comedians Bobby Lee (Madtv), Stephen Park (In Living Color, Fargo) and Margaret Cho (Drop Dead Diva) also are in the supporting roles.  This ensures its going to be funny film. how can it not be?

What stroke me as most interesting is ANIME fans have a reason to love WEDDING PALACE too. The reason being because it is directed, produced and co-written by Christine Yoo  was co-writer of Samuel Jackson’s AFRO SAMURAI!

I just learned about this film and it has me seriously excited on so many levels. The best is there is a best blogger contest out there to. So if you have a fan group, a forum, a blog, a vlog or write for a site that is relative you can become part of this companies preferred press list. They are actively reaching out to the Kpop, Kdrama, Indie film Critic, Anime Review and Vloggers out there. So Check out their facebook for more info! There is a contest going on  and they are offering screenings for the diverse press that are willing to check it out!


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