Do you feel the sunshine reaching your skin? Surprisingly there are more sunny days in this October that brightens our moods up. To make your appearance appropriate let’s look through this guide.
First of all the short skirts are great wardrobe essentials especially in simple colours with tiny patterns like this one.

This is the Dot patterned chiffon skirt, it emphasizes your legs while you’re walking and you’ll undoubtedly seem taller. You can wear it with colourful high-heeled shoes or with knee-high boots for extra effect.

The other pieces I recommend are the leggings. They are in every colour, every shape and style, full leggings, half leggings, short leggings, so everything you can imagie. Our selection consists of two gorgeous types:

Striped half leggings

Laced half leggings (navy)

Laced half leggings (black)

You can also mix them with skirts, shorts or even with long shirts, they will look miraculously and feminine appearance is guaranteed.

The star of the day is our third offer, the culottes. In the autumn they are super rare on the streets but will definitely freshen up your outfit. The navy colour makes the skin look lighter and the waistline gets an extra highlight.

Gold button pointed culottes

For people who fancy long lower clothes and/or there’s still cold outside despite the sunshine we have plain but palatial jeans. Wear them with loose bright shirts and gold-plated accessories to keep up the ladylike style.

Front zippered jeans

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