New wigs are on the board so it’s time to write a quick review about them. In the previous article we mentioned you three absolutely appealing wigs so today our aim is to surpass that line and represent the new scale.

Do you remember the Long Blonde Wig? We show you its pair, the Hush Blonde Wig! The features are the same, long curls at the edges, straight at your forehead with a little arch and darker at the top. The only thing it’s different in is the main colour. While the previous one was bright blond, this is mainly the mix of light brown and blond making the piece more and more lively.

As for the wigs with two colour we also have a new one. This is the Fuchsia & Brown Long Wig. The hues are a little bit pale but it only has an effect on the level of your cuteness. The pink-like shades have always been the symbol of little children and feminine girls so it will definitely add some of these aspects to your appearance.

The third one is also two-toned but not as much as the one above. Its colours are Black & Salmon but the black part is a little bit smaller than in the other wigs. The focus is on the salmon so you can reach the best look if you make it curl and straighten the upper part. Light clothes are suggested but if you like the darker ones more then a tiny hat can easily pump your style up.

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