We’ve just freshed our wig selection with the newest and the most stylish pieces of the incoming season. Spring is just days away so let’s get ready for the style change with these precious pieces.
As for people who want to look like a model of a popular magazine we mention our demanding wigs made of the best-known Korean fabric (KORON-D). Due to this material the wigs can be heated up to 170 degrees so you can easily straighten or make them curly for your own tase. In the case of most wigs you can choose from several colours from the natural tones to the lightly changed and different coloured types.

But just like everywhere there are exceptions in this section too. The Honey Curly Short Wig has only the Orange Gold colour but according to our fashionista it’s perfect in its way. You can wear it for almost everywhere, it’s perfect for outings, light meetings, dates and so on but for school of workplace we suggest something else.

At those places here’s a moderate still stylish piece, the Tierra Natural Wig. You can get it in 5 colours, almost all in the natural hues. The best match for this item is the elegant clothing with a pinch of embellished accessories and low heels. You can also wear it with everyday clothes but make sure that you have feminine pieces on.

For the lovers of longer and even shorter hair than the previous ones then look at these wigs. The long one is the Natural Two-Toned and the short is the Viva Short wig with the selectable colours of Natural Black, Red Brown and Mandarin Brown. Both of them can be worn at every place and at every event from simple walkings to elegant parties.

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